Blast Driveway Golf Club

Blast Driveway


The Blast Driveway is the first of its kind as the longest fairway wood ever with Compression Cavity Technology (CCT). Only the Blast Driveway can rival your driver in distance while being more accurate. Since the Blast Driveway is a fairway wood you can blast it off the deck when you need to reach a long par 4 or 5. Its unique Compression Cavity Technology (CCT) is designed to produce more power by compressing the entire club-face and expanding the sweetspot. Get your's today because you'll never find another club like the Blast Driveway.


Loft Lie Volume Head Weight Swing Weight Face Angle Offset Bulge Roll
12.5° 59° 280cc 212g D4 0 0 15 15

Blast TourSpeed Shafts

Flex Type Trajectory Torque Weight Tip Size Butt Size
(A) Lite Flex MID-HIGH 5.2 69g 0.370" 0.587"
(R) Regular Flex MID-HIGH 4.9 73g 0.370" 0.587"
(S) Stiff Flex MID-HIGH 4.9 75g 0.370" 0.587"