Kick X Tracker SRT Hybrid Golf Clubs

SRT™ Hybrids

with Sliding Weight Technology

The TRACKER SRT™ with Sliding Response Technology™ - a revolutionary breakthrough in hybrid club design. Designed to change your shot without changing your swing! Eliminate slices and hooks with the easy to use, sliding weight system and start controling your shots like never before.

In addition, the Tracker SRT™ hybrid features drag-free exhaust grooves on the bottom of the clubhead that aid with bounce and drag in tough-lie situations such as thick rough, and sandy turf.

SRT Features

Hybrid Specifications

Hybrid Loft Lie Head Weight Swing Weight Face Angle Face Progression Bulge Roll Length
H3 18° 59.5° 233g D3 0 0 12 12 40.5"
H4 21° 60° 240g D3 0 0 12 12 40"
H5 24° 60.5° 247g D3 0 0 12 12 39.5"

Shaft Specifications

Type Trajectory Torque Weight Tip Size Butt Size
Speed Launch (Light Flex) MID - HIGH 5.2 69g 0.370" 0.587"
Speed Launch (Regular Flex) MID - HIGH 4.9 73g 0.370" 0.587"
Speed Launch (Stiff Flex) MID - HIGH 4.9 75g 0.370" 0.587"